When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there... And for that, I am responsible.

Volunteers Welcome

* The hand of fellowship is always extended to those interested in volunteering.


* New volunteers are an essential part of the recovery message NCAIC brings to hospitals and institutions.


* There are recommendations for length of sobriety for the different positions.


* You are responsible to those who attend the meeting because they form an opinion of AA when they form an opinion about you.


* Panels usually consist of two or more AA members, depending on the type of meeting and the size of the group. You are responsible to the other members on the panel.


* You are responsible to your panel leader who will assist you with any questions or concerns. They should be contacted if you are unable to attend.


* You are responsible to your panel coordinator who is your contact should you need more members or literature.


Current Panel Openings

View Current Panel Openings and apply to carry the message to those who cannot get to a meeting

Order Literature Online

Order literature from this website to take to facilities. Go to Menu Item "More" and click Order Literature


* You choose your assignment from the openings available as indicated by panel coordinators at the orientation.


* We experience a somewhat steady turnover among panel members and are always in need of alternates to cover when a regular panel member must be absent.

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Green Can Labels

Green Can labels are are used to wrap around a coffee can.  These coffee cans with a Green Can label is passed around in your meeting separately to collect money for 100% conference approved literature purchases that are given to residents and inmates at facilities where they cannot get to a meeting.

If you would like to pass a Green Can in your meeting, you can pick labels up at Central Office, at the monthly Intergroup Meetings or you can print one from here.  Thank you for your generous support!

Print Green Can Label

Additional Links

For additional links including our financial reports, business meeting minutes, panel forms, North County AA newsletter Viewpoint and Contact on Release (COR) form, visit our links page.